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Melts Candles

Clowning Around-Car Freshie

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Stop clowning around... 🤡

This creepy air freshener will scare allll the bad smells away. Original artwork done by @kennethkropff.

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*Does not Come With Warmer*

Scent 1: This soothing fragrance is a delight that flourishes with earthy musk and notes of creekside stones and river moss. An alluring fragrance that evokes the feeling of going on a nature walk beside a lush and lively branch where oakmoss thrives on damp oak bark. Oakmoss extraction is an ingredient historically used to make classic perfumes.

Scent 2: A combination of light fruits and florals, peaches, bananas, and citrus is followed with soft florals of jasmine and wild violets on a background of warm vanilla and exotic musk.

Burn Time: 9hr+