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Abby Normal- Large Wax Melts

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Looking for a wax melt that's a little bit...abnormal? Introducing "Abby Normal," the brain-shaped wax melt inspired by the classic comedy-horror film, Young Frankenstein!

Just like the brain that Dr. Frankenstein used to create his infamous monster, our Abby Normal wax melt is sure to bring a little bit of eccentricity to your home. The large size of these wax melts means they'll provide hours of fragrant enjoyment. 

Our Abby Normal wax melts are perfect for horror enthusiasts and fans of Young Frankenstein alike, and they're sure to be a conversation starter in any room. Whether you're looking for a spooky touch to your Halloween decor, or just a fun way to add a little horror-themed humor to your home, Abby Normal wax melts have got you covered.

So don't be afraid to embrace your inner monster with Abby Normal wax melts. Just be sure to keep them away from any mad scientists – we wouldn't want to be responsible for creating any more monsters!

  • Do to the nature of wax and the way wax dries and hardens colors will be very similar but will not match the pictures exactly.

*Does not Come With Warmer*

  • Scent: A combination of light fruits and florals, peaches, bananas, and citrus is followed with soft florals of jasmine and wild violets on a background of warm vanilla and exotic musk.
  • Burn Time: 9hr+
  •  Please be aware there is a chance of wax melts and candles melting during shipping. In an effort to avoid melting, please choose Priority Mail in shipping. This is not necessary but is highly recommended. For extra prevention, message us.
  • During Hotter Months , we will only be shipping orders out every-Wednesday in an effort to avoid order sitting in a truck or loading zone over the weekend.