• What kind of wax is used? 

90% of our wax melts are made with Soy Wax. there are some listings that are made with Paraffin wax. That is only because it has the option to make it a stand a lone candle and Paraffin wax holds better for stand alone candles. Check out our "This is How We Do It" page for more info on wax and our process!


  • What Kind of Oil is used in your scoobable Waxes? 

We used Avocado oil in our Scoop-a-bles to help keep them vegan friendly! 


  • What do I need to get started? 

One would need a Melter (electric or tealight), Tealights, Matches or a lighter, and our fab wax melts or products! 


  • Are your wax melts pet friendly? 
Yes. Personally we use our melts around our small Italian Greyhound/ mini pin BUT we also have several regular customers who use them around their cat babies as well!